Fit & Active

The Moselle is a wine region with many superlatives; the oldest wine-growing region in Germany, the steepest vineyards in Europe, the biggest interconnected Riesling-growing area in the world. Our vinery consists of a variety of vine varietals which all produce wines with distinctive aromas. If you are looking to dive deeper into the world of winemaking and would like to know more about the variety of our wines, then this Fit & Active experience is ideal for you.

Experience the Moselle during a beautiful hike through the sunny vineyards and the shady mixed deciduous woodland of the Eifel. You will be able to gain impressive insights to the vineyards and will be able to enjoy local dishes with complementary wines, right next to the wine cellars where these wines mature.


This offer takes place from May 28, 2021, to May 30, 2021.

This offer includes

  • 2 overnight stays in our guest rooms with a daily breakfast
  • Evening snacks with local products and a red wine tasting (Friday evening, starting at 6 PM in the wine-tasting room)
  • 5-hour guided vineyard hike with lots of information about wine growing, with complementary picnic
  • Tour through our winery followed by coffee and “wine” cake
  • Evening program with a 4-course dinner and complemented by a champagne and wine tasting (Saturday evening, starting at 6 PM)
  • “Kleiner Moselgenuss”, a small farewell gift

The cost for this offer with overnight stay in a double room is 205.00 Euros per person.

Information about our Fit & Active offers

Due to COVID-19 guidelines each Fit & Active experience can only be offered to a maximum of 20 persons at this time.

The hikes are guided by a certified wine and culture ambassador of the Moselle, who will explain all facets of the Moselle and its wine production in a clear and engaging manner. To offer you the most in-depth and sensory experience, all wine tastings are led by a certified sommelier. There is no better or more intensive way to experience the Moselle! The route for the hike consists of paved as well as un-paved vineyard and forest paths with a total elevation gain of about 300 meters. Secure and comfortable footwear is highly recommended, and a certain level of physical fitness is ideal.