Molded by the environment

The “Terrassenmosel” region is blessed with unparalleled beautiful landscapes, a mild climate, fertile soils and viticultural traditions that show traces which date back to the Romans. The seasons gift us with nature’s enchanting play of colors and varying scents of spring blossoms, hot slate soil in midsummer and the sweet scent of ripe grapes in the fall.

However, these factors alone do not yet make good wine. Unpredictable weather conditions, the steep slopes and the varying soil formations in our vineyards are both a challenge and a gift. To ensure a healthy and fruitful harvest which produces quality wines, we have to give each grapevine our full attention and continuous development to serve its ongoing needs.

The tremendous effort that is required to set up a successful vineyard is portrayed by the many dry-stone walls which structure the slopes in terraces and therefore compensate their steepness. Each year, every vine is carefully maintained by arduous manual labor which requires much idealism and passion. The feeling of not only producing outstanding wines but also maintaining a piece of cultural landscape is very fulfilling for us.