Handcrafted quality from the beginning

The location of the vineyards is one of the most significant prerequisites for high quality wines. Each location offers much potential but also unique demands. Vineyards situated in shallowed regions take advantage of deep and nutrient-dense loess soils which offer adequate water supply but are threatened by night frosts.

The steep slopes allow the grapevines to profit from the reflecting heat of the dark slate soil at night but require intense labor. These slopes produce premium Riesling wines which stand out by their intense aroma but prevent high yields.

Our vineyards require our willingness to compromise as well as strenuous labor. Our vines are cut back heavily in the winter to build a foundation for the healthy long-term development of the vines. In the spring, we focus on the foliage and prune each vine to the point where only essential shoots remain. This also ensures the continuous development of healthy grapes.

In the fall, the leaves are removed around the grape zones. This provides airflow for the ripening grapes, which reduces the risk of mold, and creates optimal sun exposure for the developing fruits.

Depending on the vintage, some grapes that did not reach optimal development may be removed prior to the harvest, so that only premium grapes remain and are processed into wine.