Diversity and authenticity

We primarily cultivate traditional grape varieties in our 15 ha vineyards. Hereby, the Riesling plays the principal role but the Kerner, Rivaner and Burgundian varieties are significant players as well.

We foster tradition yet are keen to innovate. We have added the Sauvignon Blanc, the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Gewürztraminer to our collection, which are varieties that are new yet promising in the Mosel region. Careful handling of the grapes, from their harvest to the wine press, is a prerequisite for premium wines. Our wines have the opportunity to rest in evenly controlled temperatures in our cellar, which produces quality development. Nothing is bottled without first receiving the final touches from our winemaker, so that our clients can consistently enjoy the glowing tastes of our wines.

Regardless of which type of wine you prefer; you will receive a competent and personal consultation to find the perfect wine that will allow you to experience indulgence and spark your joie de vivre.

The exzellenz wines

Our Exzellenz wines offer our customers a limited product line which takes advantage of the unique treasures our vineyards have to offer: A special plot in the vineyard, a unique grape variety, or a limited press amount.

We invest great time and effort into manufacturing the grapes into the Exzellenz wines, and often use premium barrique oak barrels in which these wines mature. This laborious process results in very complex wines that have an exceptional maturation potential.

Full of character

Our wines are full of character and have a very distinct and emphasized taste, which makes them true ambassadors for the Moselle.

These wines are perfect meal accompanists and add a luxurious touch. Fine Riesling wines, a Pinot Grigio or a Sauvignon Blanc are all wines with intensive and characteristic accents.

Unique and Complex

These wines stand out through their uniqueness and complexity. The harmony of the varietal, the soil, the climate and the handicraft of the winemaker all determine the wine’s potential. The excellency of these wines lies in their taste, and therefore these varieties make perfect companions for special occasions. Whether you prefer a light cabinet wine, a fascinating late vintage or a complex Auslese, it is always worthwhile to reserve a space for them in your wine cellar.

Modern and popular

Our Rotling and red wines are modern, and popular accompanists for parties or a warm summer night on the terrace. The colour-intensive Dornfelder awakens lively conversations. Our Spätburgunder or the robust Merlot are perfect choices for a cozy evening by the fireplace.

Fresh and happy

The wines we design for indulgence in our everyday lives have a fresh and lively character.

We offer quality wines such as Riesling, Kerner, Gewürztraminer and Rivaner that range from sweet to semi-dry to dry.

Lively and Charming

Our Winzersekt radiates a sparkling and charming ambience. Riesling sparkling wines develop a fine Perlage with a prominent Champagne flavour, due to their classic maturation in the bottle, and careful disgorging after nine months of yeast fermentation.

These wines are available in semi-dry, dry, Brut or Brut nature variations, and all promise to bring a smile to your and your guest’s faces.