Wine cellar

Music for the Palette

When it comes to our wines, we consistently target the highest standards. As a winemaker and cellar master one has to plan and work ahead without losing the traditions and deeply rooted knowledge of the art of winemaking. To maintain the highest quality possible while carefully processing our grapes and wines, we invest in cutting-edge technology, starting from the press and ranging to the filter system, bottling mechanism and storage.

Despite high-end technology, it is vital that the cellar master does not operate as a mechanic, but rather as a concertmaster who guides his instruments: Tactful and with keen sensitivity.

Therefore, the cellar process requires a lot of know-how and intuition in order to dictate the proper rhythm or to interfere if the notes aren’t harmonious. With instruments, it is important that they are finetuned in order to fulfill the requirements of a magnificent orchestra, and the same idea applies to winemaking.